Leather Care

LEATHER MAINTENANCE:                                                                                                            
Leather is a substance that transforms, changes color, softens and becomes beautifully patinated over time. It should be protected from humidity and prolonged exposure to light or extreme heat. Wipe your leather regularly with a soft cloth or microfiber cloth to keep dust from damaging your leather.

Cleaning your leather...The best way to ensure predictable results is to get your leather professionally cleaned by a leather expert.

Top finished leather has a layer of protection on it that provides its texture and color. it has an even color and sheen over the surface ranging from satin to high gloss. Top finished leather can be cleaned using a baby wipe for light cleaning or saddle soap for heavy cleaning. NOTE: All leather can change in color when cleaned conditioned or polished so try a test spot on a non visible place to make sure you like the outcome.

Veg tanned and waxed or oiled pull up leathers have a deep rich look to them and are porous. Best to use a leather conditioner or leather balm on this type of leather. NOTE: All leather can change color when cleaned polished or conditioned so its best to try a test spot in a non visible place to make sure you like the outcome.


All suede comes Scotch Guarded to help preserve the material. Regular use of Scotch Guard (made specifically for suede use only) is suggested. When suede gets exposed to dust and dirt when not in use it tends to harden, so brush your item with a suede brush every so often and keep it in a dust bag. Never store suede or leather in sealed plastic it needs to breathe.

Suede does not like water and can spot or the color can run so if you get your suede wet the sooner you take care of the item the better, soak up as much water as possible as quick as possible and wipe down with cloth. If you allow the suede to dry on its own you could be in trouble. After the item is fully dry give it a good brushing with a suede brush to bring back the nap.

If you get a mark on your suede you can use a suede brush or a suede eraser as quickly as possible before it penetrates into the material.